The girl ran with the sun in her pocket. She was almost there, and she couldn’t afford to give up now. There was too much at stake.        She could feel it digging into her leg. She could feel it scorching her calf into practically nothing.        She could hear the Serpent on her tail, breathing down … Continue reading Dawn?

Pilgrim’s Plight: A Slaughterhouse Story

              My name is Yon Yonson,               I work in Wisconsin,              I work at a lumbermill there.             The people I meet when I walk down the street,             They say, ‘What’s your name?’,             And I say,            My name is Yon Yonson,            I work in Wisconsin…       That was the song that was playing in the veterans’ hospital in Placid, … Continue reading Pilgrim’s Plight: A Slaughterhouse Story