It just bothers me

This can’t be an accident

These aren’t mundane deaths

There’s no way they could be

A predator is afoot


You think you’re a sleuth?

You’re not exactly Sherlock

I doubt your theory

These deaths weren’t murders at all

They were only killed by wolves


You’re right, it’s just wolves

I really am paranoid

I’ve worried too long

I’ve obsessed a month away

I need to stop-AAAGH! My head!


Are you alright? NO!

My whole body is screaming!

What’s that cracking sound?

My bones are breaking apart!

My flesh is warping, it hurts!


What is happening?!

Why are you growling at me?!

No, you’re… you’re canine!

Help me, somebody please help!

Aaagh! Aaagh! Someone please help me!

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