Song Sonnet 1

The voice never hath left me alone

It always follows me throughout the night

It hath sung in ev’ry note and tone

And called my name from out of sight


I bid thee join my nightly song

Although ye flee from me in fear

My hold of thou is far too strong

For ye to resist drawing near


Thou hast the visage of the foulest fiend

And so you sing your song through me

Our souls and beings hath convened

All should dread the duet that is we


Ye’ve lived within me all along

And all this time I’ve been aware

I know it is to you that I belong

While in the dark, with your voice in the air


Now sing, o voice I hath consigned!

I sing for thee, angel inside my mind!



Comment below what song you think this was based off of.

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