The Minosoa Case

            In the small town of Minosoa, the people prided themselves on their cattle. Their cattle were the fattest and most profitable around. Minosoa always came first in county fairs, and the towns people were some of the wealthiest in the state. So, when the cattle began to disappear, the townspeople went into a massive panic. Something was stealing all of their precious, incredibly fat cows, and they couldn’t stand such a loss.

        The sheriff searched all that he could, but none of his officers could find any leads at all. The cows were simply there one day, gone the next, with no signs of forced entry, no broken fences, or hints of any kind. So, the sheriff had to call off the search. This drove the townspeople to an outrage. They couldn’t stand by and let their cows be stolen. So, they took up arms and had people guarding the cattle every night, waiting for the thief to show his face.

         One night, Gary Dewitt was guarding the barn on his family’s ranch with a few friends. They sat around, playing cards, but with their shotguns close at hand. Suddenly, they all heard a strange humming sound. A strange light bathed the barn, and as the Gary and his friends grabbed their guns and looked up at the light, they could see the large, metal disk from which it was emanating.

       A beam of blue came down from the light and through the window of the barn, and Gary could see the window enlarging, and a cow levitating through, towards the light. Gary jumped into the beam himself, trying in vain to save that big bundle of beef, but the beam dragged both of them in, and the disk flew away. Gary was never seen again.

          What’s the moral of the story? Beware of those who raise the steaks.

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