A Message at Midnight

           When I was lying in bed last night, I heard the TV turn on by itself. I could see the light from the screen, but when I tried to look at it, something strange happened. I couldn’t move. I tried to lift my head, move my arms, do anything at all, but I couldn’t. The TV played the sound of static, but I swore I could hear voices, deep and distorted, amidst the constant sounds.

     “Is it ready?”

              “I believe so”

         My phone rang, and after three rings, I heard a chorus of voices both shrill and deep, all shouting out so loud that it felt like my eardrums would burst. All of the voices cried out, in unison, a series of numbers, over and over and over again. The voice got louder and louder, my ears hurt more and more, and hard as I struggled, I couldn’t move. Just when I thought my head would split in two. It stopped.

      The TV was off, my phone was on silent, and nothing at all had seemed to change. I turned on my lamp, and almost instinctively, I wrote down the numbers. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I started to contemplate what they could be. It wasn’t for another two hours that I figured it out. They were coordinates, as well as a date and time.

         They day is a week from today, the time is 8:00 pm, and the place isn’t far from my hometown. I’m going to that location when the time comes. Likely, it’s nothing, but something keeps tugging at my gut. I feel that this may have been more than some weird dream.

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