The Stranger in a Subjective Land: Pt 1

       Adrian soared across the skies as he looked down at the road below. The Consensus Bureau insisted that there be a road down there, but not that it have any particular appearance. In Adrian’s reality, that road was paved with the whitest marble on earth. He oftentimes wondered what the crystalline city he saw looked like in other’s realities, but each person’s reality was their own, and he didn’t need to know if they didn’t want to tell. However, down in the streets, there was one man that caught Adrian’s eye.

    Amidst all of the exotic and diverse bodies that everyone chose for themselves, there was one man who looked, by pre-Revolution standards, normal. He had simple clothing, tan skin, and a somewhat trimmed beard. Amidst the crowds of inhumanly beautiful people (by every standard one can imagine), peppered with everything from vampires to unicorns to completely unique creatures, he stuck out like a sore thumb. There was something else about this man too. A sense of profound and cosmic significance, that this man was something much greater, much higher, than his looks would lead anyone to believe. It made Adrian uneasy, and it made him wish that this man was somewhere else.

       Adrian rather wished that the Consensus didn’t mandate that officially registered existences be irremovable from personal reality, but he was glad that he could at least say that the man wasn’t here. So, he looked down at the road and found that… the stranger was still there! He denied the man’s presence again, and still the man stood there. Adrian changed his reality of the weather to rain, and sure enough rain began to fall! Then, he tried it on the man again, and yet that stranger still remained.

          Panicking, Adrian was just about to fly away from this stranger when he heard the stranger speak.

       “Adrian,” the voice said. It spoke to Adrian in a calm, self-assured tone that carried that same sense of cosmic weight. Adrian froze in midair from sheer surprise and sheer uncertainty as to what his next action should be.

      “Adrian,” the voice came again. “Why do you run from me? Please follow me for a spell, we have much to discuss.”

          Adrian had no idea who this man was, but that aura the man gave off told him that the man wasn’t some stranger to be ignored. This man was greater than anything Adrian had encountered before, and he felt that if he avoided that man, he’d spend every minute of his life wondering what that weight could possibly be.

    Adrian swooped down to meet the stranger.

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