To My Mother

What have you given me? Why, here’s a list:

You gave my body and a brain and half my DNA,

With all the pain of birthing, that’s something extra, eh?

Some joyous years I spent with you, and then another gift

That took up my spot on your knee, though you soon closed that rift.

My home, all clean and tidy, and still standing tall

Plus the ceilings without leaks, and let’s not forget the walls

An… existent father is also very nice

He gave me half of my genes too, or was I a splice?

You’ve also fed me constantly for over fifteen years,

And indulged me and helped me in ideas for careers

You’ve shown me love such I will say, I couldn’t ask for more,

And yet, you’ve also taught me discipline that I cannot ignore

Mom, thank you for all of this,

My childhood is truly bliss

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