A Much Needed Shower

My naked skin is burning in the merciless sun,

My bare feet cut and pierced by every thorn and rock,

My face is soaked with dirty sweat and burning tears,

My exposed body too fatigued to run

I hear stiff breezes whisper in my ear

And see grey clouds that gather in the distance.

I smell the water carried on the wind and know,

And know the rains will soon be here.

The wind grows stronger now, and soon I hear its song

It rustles through my hair and soothes me so.

It wipes my tears so gently to the side,

“The rains will be here before long.”

A shadow grows upon the hill, and shades me from the heat.

It swallows me in a surge of sweet relief.

My body chills, and I am thrilled to be out here today

Because the rains are not complete.

From little drops to pouring sheets they fall

Cooling me and clinging to me skin.

The rains clean me and give me life.

The rains are here, and I’m at peace with all.

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