The Glass Panda

The following is a journal entry written by a Moroccan man named Samir Sefrioui, dated on July 3rd, 1997. The text has been roughly translated to English.

This morning, I went to my garden and saw something I never could’ve imagined. In the garden, I saw a great, glass figure in the shape of what seemed to be a panda bear. At least, it seemed to be glass. It was almost opalescent in appearance, and it seemed to distort all of the colours that went through it in ways that were unnatural, but not unpleasant. I had no idea who put it there, but I thought it was beautiful, if something of a disruption. I was just about to try to move it when it stirred.

It got up on its feet and stared at me, and the light seemed focused towards where its eyes were supposed to be. Something about the colours in those eyes was nauseating and horrifying. It let me know that, whatever this thing was, it didn’t want me here. I ran inside to call the authorities. This thing didn’t attack, but it wasn’t inactive. It paced around my garden, and I was just about to finish dialing when it spoke.

It didn’t make any sound, I didn’t even hear any voices in my head. But all of a sudden, I knew what it wanted. I knew why it was here. I knew that all it wanted to do was feed, and I knew exactly what to feed it. I couldn’t let the starving creature go hungry, could I?

First I fed it my fear of it, then I fed it my anger at my friend, and then I fed it my irritations at my job. Before long, it had eaten everything I could feed it. It was still hungry though, and with all of my stresses gone, I was happy to help. I started trying to claw at my skin, to cut myself and hurt as much as I could. I hardly looked human when I was done, but I was still so happy when I finished, and the creature had gotten little from the pain. So, I took some supplies, and, tonight, I’m going out.

I don’t care what happens to me, I don’t care who gets hurt. In fact, I’m overjoyed. The fear that I strike in their hearts will make a wonderful meal for my hungry friend, spiced with the agony I inflict, and the grief I leave behind will be a wonderful dessert for it. And, the best part, even though there’s a rough part, they will lose everything bad in their minds and be left only with unending bliss. Tonight, I’m going to make everyone happy.

Sefrioui was apprehended within days for charges of mass murder. His victims were found to be incredibly mutilated, but with frozen smiles on their faces. As of yet, no such creature as described by Sefrioui has been sighted.

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