The Discoveries of Peter Bloom: Introduction

Greetings, internet, welcome to my blog! My name is Peter C. Bloom. By day, I am an odd child. I do not talk much to others, nor do they talk to me. I get good grades, though. In any case, I have had plenty of company in my work. By work, I mean my research and investigation of the paranormal.

No, internet, we paranormal enthusiasts are not all crazy conspiracy theorists, new age occultists, or freaks reading Eldritch Lore in our parent’s basements. I, for one, pride myself on approaching haunts, abductions, and cryptids with healthy skepticism. In any case, the pursuit of the unexplained has always fascinated me, and I am happy to say that I have more than enough evidence to believe.

Anyways, this blog will serve two main purposes. The first is to showcase my paranormal pursuits and findings. The other is to talk about life. My therapist said I should journal my life, but he didn’t say I couldn’t blog about the paranormal while I’m at it! I don’t know how often I’ll post, I’m new to this. Still, I look forward to documenting my life, and showing the internet the mysterious side of the world.

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