The Last Thoughts of Private Peret

what is this where am I


what’s happening 


where am i 

silent quiet too quiet unnerving 

how’d i get here am i dead 

numb i can’t feel my body 

i know what bodies are heads shoulders knees and toes knees and toes

memory fuzzy but good

when did the urinal arrive

 it was the urinal 

i was singing the communications cut out that’s it

they warned me but i didn’t listen i’m stuck here 

the hair came out grabbed me dragged me in 

how’d the hole get that big 

filthy smelly so smelly wet 

fingers ripped out 

hurt so much so so much 

limbs followed skin ribs organs still moving 

no torso

no head

just brain 

that’s it 

how am i alive 

good question 

what’s the point the urinal got me 

i’m trapped 

humpty dumpty sat on a wall 

i can’t leave 

will they find me alive 

humpty dumpty had a great fall 

where am i now 

all the king’s horses and all the king’s men 

the battalion will find me here 

couldn’t put me together again 

where are my parts 

i can’t escape 

this’ll be quite maddening

might as well get used to it 

whelp, at least i’ll have memories 

i’ll remember tuscany 

hey jake, still working here, i’d like to order a coffee.

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