Georgia Gray

         Calmly, Georgia Gray drew the needle from her arm. One push on a button, and it withdrew into its little plastic cylinder. Georgia set the needle aside, and reached for the secret drawer in her desk. Her head was already beginning to spin from the drug, so she had to choose quickly if she wanted to experience anything at all.

      “Let’s see…workerbot, confident type-A, yourself as a child. Oooh, vampire seductress. Never used this one before.”

     Without hesitating, she took that chip and jammed into the port on the back of her head, ready for a night on the town as a vampire. The next thing she knew, she was handcuffed in a metal chair. There was a mirror on one wall, a metal table in front of her, and a quite unimpressed policeman on the opposite end.

           “What the-wwherre, where am I?!” Her words were slurred and jumbled, and her thoughts were still hazy and sluggish.

    “You claim ignorance of your charges?”

                  “Ch-charges, wwwhaaa-”

          “Possession and use of illegal chemical agents, breaking and entering, disturbing the peace, and murder of the first degree.


                “But I, I, d-don’t rrememmmber that.”

            “Uh-huh, then how do you explain-” the intercom of the chamber turned on.

         “Officer, the situation has changed, stand down and leave the chamber.”

                  “Yes sir.” the officer muttered before leaving.

             Within a few more minutes, a smaller, more angular officer walked into the room, a smile on his face that’d make the slimiest of politicians grimace. 

        “Ms…” he snapped his fingers, “Gray. Analysis of that chip in your neural port shows that it contained instructions to assassinate a man and then forget the whole thing. We found you fleeing the scene.”

      “Who, wwhhoo would-?”

            “Hitman hacker, they’re surprisingly common nowadays.” The man cleared his throat, ” Now, don’t think you’re off the hook. You’re still guilty of illegal drug use, and the fact that it allowed the chip to affect you makes you guilty of manslaughter as well. If I were you, I’d confess right here and now. But, we can’t take confessions made under the influence, so you’ll be spending the night with us.”

        With that, two men came in and hauled Georgia away. They threw her in her cell, and there, she realized what had happened, and cried.

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