It’s Been a While

Boy howdy, it feels weird to write on this blog again. In theory, this is an announcement for anyone who comes across it, but I have no idea if anyone will see this, and I don’t really care. I guess this is more for me than anything else.

A lot has changed for me, and I won’t get into the details. But, with the last couple of years being what they are, I can’t blame myself for needing to stop this blog for a while. And, looking back, it was a better decision than I could imagine at the time. See, I felt like a lot of the stuff I was producing here was getting samey, boring, and hard for me to write. I felt stuck in a creative rut and I couldn’t tell why. After getting some much-needed distance from my work and time to reflect, I think I know why: I’ve been trying too hard to be literary.

I have no grudge against meaning or substance or symbolism in writing, but it was all I could focus on. I was having such a hard time writing because I was writing the same pretentious drivel over and over. I have no regrets about that phase of my journey, but I’ve moved past it now. Now that I’ve started to write what was fun for me instead of what might please some hypothetical future academics who couldn’t give a damn about me, I think that I’m making real progress on my work. I’m writing a book now, my first ever. Maybe I’ll publish it when I’m done, maybe not. Maybe I’ll wait a few years after I’ve finished it to read it, cringe at it, and turn it into something readable. Whatever happens, it’s something I enjoy.

As for the future of this blog, I honestly don’t know. I may write short fiction again, and I’ve considered writing tie-in short stories to my current work in progress, but I haven’t decided yet. Whatever happens, at least an orphaned blog will (hopefully) not be burning a hole in the back of my brain anymore.

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