The Noise

Deep within the house I huddle,

Every sound from outside muddled,

I block the sound as best I can

As I am what remains of man.

I stay in here, forever poised

Against the coming of the Noise.

However deep in here I hide

I hear it echoing outside.

I think back on the bygone days

And think back on when I was raised.

The world had still been real back then;

The men I knew had still been men.

A thought and object were distinct

Before the objects went extinct.

Reality was truth and fact

Before the Noise came and attacked.

The Noise stirred every emotion

And simultaneously none.

Its presence destroyed all we knew.

It left only simulacrums.

Time ceased to flow in a straight path.

Or any path, for that matter.

Space vanished; distance became moot.

Meaning, matter, drowned out by Noise.

I watched as all reality

Crumbled away to nothingness,

As all logic was nullified

And it had nothing left to rule.

I watched as maddened minds replaced

Reality with their own thoughts;

As opinions filled the new void,

And joined together with the Noise

So here I stay,

In one of the last real places.

Trapped within this house

And hoping that I won’t be found.

Suddenly, I hear a sound

I hear the door crumbling away

I hear pictures falling off the wall

In the face of the Noise

I panic and I dash

The minute I hear those voices upon voices

Tones of every pitch and sound

I can’t find any safety

I hide away but the noise finds me

The Noise follows me

And chases me

I run away

but there’s nowhere left to run to

I’m cornered

Here I am, trapped

Unable to escape the Noise

I’m losing myself

I’m slipping into this cacophony

Of joy and pain, and fear and safety

Chaos and order, good and bad

Beauty and ugliness

Life and death

All of these things at once assail me

And all of these things are drained from me

Overwhelming me like a crashing wave

Subsuming me like water into water

Into the madness

Into the void

Surrounded only by my thoughts

My imagination caging me

Because the only thing that’s left

The only thing that’s real is

The Noise

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