April Shower

             I walked through the town, inhaling the pleasant petrichor scent brought about by the light spring shower. The sky was somewhat overcast, but plenty of sunshine descended through the many gaps. I saw plenty of children playing in the puddles with their parents, and many staying inside, curled up with a cup of coffee and a good book. I saw young couples exchange kisses in the rain, the pond in the park quench its thirst, and other people pleased by the weather today.

       A little child showed me a mud pie he had made, and talked about how much he loved this weather. That may have made me happier than any of the other things I had seen or heard today. I considered telling him my true identity, but decided against it. He didn’t need to know who I was, especially knowing that I wouldn’t be around much longer. It was enough to know, before I dissolved into nothing as quickly as I had formed this morning, that I had brought happiness to many of these people.

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