The Graves Awoke

         It was not the light of the sun that woke the Graves, nor the chirping of birds, nor their clocks, internal or otherwise. Rather, it was flashing red and blue lights, and the sound of a hard knock on the front door. Mr Graves was the first to respond, walking up to the door with dragging feet, sweating skin, and narrowed eyes. He opened the door a crack, and saw the officer outside.

      “Mr Graves, sorry to disturb you at this hour. We’ve had reports of someone trying to break into your house. We’re searching the perimeter at the moment, but I need you and your family to exit the house in case there is an intruder.”

    Graves rubbed the back of his neck, before nodding and going to get his family. Within five minutes they all came out. Within ten minutes, they heard men shouting, three gunshots, and, within a few minutes, they saw an officer holding a wounded man in cuffs. The man looked straight at Mr Graves, and spat at him.

          “Did you really think you could get away with that?!” the man shouted. “I’ll come for you again, and I’ll keep coming back!”

       Mr Graves’ face went ashen, his eyes wide, and his mouth slack.

      “Don’t worry, we’re not going to let him come back.” an officer next to Mr Graves assured.

        However, this did nothing to assuage Mr Grave’s dread. Mr Graves was confident that that man could, and would come back for him. He was convinced that nothing could stop that man from returning. He knew that the police couldn’t help him. He knew that he could not talk to the police, even if they could help. He knew that no matter where he ran, where he hid, or what he did, the intruder would be back. He knew because he had killed that man a week before.

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