My Favorite Dream

         One night, I was lying in bed, staring up at the ceiling of my room. I’d learned recently that matter is mostly empty space. As I stared up at the ceiling, I thought of this. That solid barrier was not nearly as solid as one would think. I thought about the gravity that rooted me to the ground, and thought it wasn’t too strong after all. More tons of mass than any man could ever comprehend were pulling on me, and I could still walk, I could still jump, and, as I could see, I could lift from the ground altogether.

     I pushed through the ceiling, and I passed as effortlessly as I’d hoped. I looked out upon the world around my house, and saw how little the ordinary human could see it. I saw then that my eyes had done more to blind me than reveal to me, as I could see directions and dimensions I had never seen before. I saw everything that happened, was happening, and would ever happen in every bit of that space. I saw beyond the things surrounding me, and through their obstruction, and into their essences. I even looked down and saw my own body, that fragile thing that failed to contain me for any significant amount of time.

        None of this disturbed me at all. I felt wonderful. I felt as free as a bird who finally left the nest, and enlightened as a blind man seeing a captivating sunset. Soon, I heard a voice that, despite its deafening volume and palpable resonance, reassured me.

    I looked upon the source of the voice, a being that shone brighter than all of the stars in the material cosmos put together. It had six beautiful, powerful, pure white wings, and as for its body, it was powerful, beautiful, harsh, and comforting at the same time. Its body was like a fire that was hot and huge as a forest fire and warm and comforting as the fire of a hearth.

           “Child of the Great Eternal, it’s time.”        I nodded. As the being began to fly me away, I whooped as I looked down upon all of the universe, which now seemed so tiny in comparison to what I could see. Eventually, I stepped onto solid ground, and I found that I had arms, legs, and eyes once again. This new body that had coalesced around me was not of mundane matter. The stuff of my new body was stronger, purer, and greater than my old body. I knew that it was beautiful, I knew that it perfect, and I was grateful beyond comprehension. As the ethereal gates opened beyond, I walked in, elated to finally be reunited with my maker.

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