Wonder’s Witness 2: The Worst Lodging in Town

   People can find me in the most unexpected of places. Sometimes they find me in the familiar places, other times they see me in the midst of the daily grind. I’ve met people time after time, in the most mundane, the most ordinary, the most empty of places. Might I add that this isn’t necessarily positive. I am present where there is fear and disgust just as often as I am present where there is joy. I live with danger constantly, and I am just as likely to meet an ordinary man in that form as my preferred form.

         There is one location in which ordinary men have been surprised to meet me in both forms. That location is the worst inn in town. Which town, you ask? All of them.

       The inn exists in every town and city in the cosmos, and it is the cheapest, dirtiest, most crime-ridden, most run-down motel in all of them. Through its land, one could unexpectedly drive, or fly, or walk into any other city that does, has, or ever will exist. In some cities, it’s a horrid inn and tavern with cheap beer abound. In others, it’s a run down motel with only half its light bulbs burning, heroin dealings in every room, and cheap beer abound. It has existed in every city and town since time began, and it will be in every city and town until time ends.

       Many desperate travellers or criminals have stayed in this inn, and unwittingly stumbled into another time, or dimension, or town. These can often be enlightening experiences for the people there. It is worth noting that this inn is always filled with lowlives and criminals, and seeing as many of these criminals are nightmares given form, or silicon-based brain parasites, or hyperdimensional horrors beyond comprehension, or (worst of all) creatures from the Empty itself, it can be an experience of more visceral disgust or deep-seated horror than any mortal could ever bear.

          A stay at the worst inn in town is sure to be an experience, and I am sure to meet you there. If you can’t see the Paths, the worst inn in town can be a fantastic method of quick transportation, but see to it that you pass through quickly. You never know what form you may meet me in.

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