I lay there, not even moving, not even thinking, just sprawled out on the bed, cocooned in the icy, wet sheets. I’d had a dream that night. In the dream, I was running, barefoot, naked, sweaty. My feet were on fire from the thorns and stones, my skin was numb from the chill of the air, and my body was covered in scratches from every branch that I had grazed without notice. I collapsed, panting, and I felt her coils wrap around my body, I felt her teeth sink into my flesh, and her venom flow through my veins.

     As she began to tighten her grasp, I felt the air escaping my lungs, I felt my bones crunching, and I felt surges of pleasure from the toxins in my body. As she crushed me completely, it was an explosion of pure bliss, even as I was surrounded and covered in my own tainted blood. The blood then went cold, and I opened my eyes in bed. She had gotten me again.

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