You know a storm is coming

You see it in the sky

You try to run for shelter

As you know it’s nearby

Your safety now is futile

As home evades your grasp

You run towards it but only find

The storm now has you clasped

You cry for help and struggle

As the clouds begin to mist

You plead to the sky, but however you cry

You’re helpless to resist

The drizzles start and gather

As thunder rolls around you

You clasp your ears, and yet you hear

The sounds that now confound you

You give in as the thunder claps

And lightning starts to flash

And now you know the flood has come

You wake a bit to find the sun

But now, you’ve left its warmth and light

And then a bolt does strike your heart

And turns you into ash

One thought on “Rainstorm

  1. My apologies for the late upload. I was rather busy yesterday. However, if you liked this poem, please promote me by locking people out during rainstorms and only letting them in when they follow my blog.


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