The Castle-Pt 1

                    The man walked upon the strange clouds of the brightest white, and the deepest blues and violets. He looked up at the indigo sky, with occasional shades of dark pink on its surface, and green stars that hung in its expanse. He couldn’t quite recall how or when he’d come here, but he knew that, however he’d arrived, he was here for a reason. Soon, he saw what seemed to contain his reason. Before him was a structure that, for lack of a better word, appeared to be a castle.

      It was built of shining white and red stones, with spires that seemed to grow taller the closer they got to the two ends, which had towers that seemed to stretch endlessly into the sky. The castle wasn’t surrounded by any corporeal wall, but a gap in the clouds surrounded the castle on all sides, and except for the lone, chainless drawbridge that stood before the front entrance, there was an incandescent shimmer that surrounded the castle, which gave off the occasional violent, white spark. It was then that the drawbridge lowered, and the man crept slowly in.

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