Six-Letter Lightning Round II

  1. Dave was fast. It was faster. [Shout-out to my cousin for this one]
  2. Before the fox, I was lonely.
  3. A deteriorating brain can’t drive safely.
  4. He was mad, he was right.
  5. The arsenic wasn’t in the recipe
  6. He came home… in a box
  7. “Hey, watch this!” he told Ma.
  8. It blasted off, and tipped over
  9. I looked up, I can’t tell
  10. My brother and gasoline never mix.
  11. He entered the grave, I followed.
  12. We had our love, nothing solid.

One thought on “Six-Letter Lightning Round II

  1. A big thank-you to my cousin John G. for giving me story 1. If you liked this, please promote me by writing a six-letter horror story for someone about what’ll happen to them if they don’t follow this blog and sending it to them. “(S)he didn’t follow Carter and died” will work if you lack imagination.


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