A Trip to Faerie

There once was a girl who saw the Fey. It was a normal night in the countryside when she woke and couldn’t sleep again. She didn’t know where to go or what to do, but the fireflies she spied outside looked so inviting that she felt the need to see them more closely.

So, she slipped her shoes onto her feet and sneaked out into the woods nearby. The fireflies were beautiful indeed, but she couldn’t help but notice that something else was out there. She looked around, but didn’t know what she was looking for. And then, the Fey came out to play.

She screamed and screamed at the things she saw, for they were not the things of nature. One had the head of a stag, and carried a bag within its third three-figered claw. One had air for legs and fire for eyes, that would burn and hypnotize all who looked within its smoldering depths for long. In one, more creatures could be found, waiting to burst from the prison of the womb, and turn the land that was around into a massive tomb for all that lived on the land. One had eyes on the backs of its hands, which darted about in fear and jumped out to claw the things that came too near.

All these things descended on her and snatched her body up. She kicked and screamed, but she couldn’t stop them from taking her on.

They took her to a pool of water, whose stars were half as bright as the light above. In they went, and darkness fell upon her eyes and on her mind. They went to drift within the depths and struggled not to find its beasts waiting to take the girl and feed themselves.

Soon, they surfaced, and the fear the girl held within her squirmed and wormed and wriggled and struggled to burst from her tired, wet body and escape into the world. The fear burst from her skin and from her mouth. But in that moment, it went south, as sweat and screams and shades galore, and bogeys, goblins, trolls and more, began to eat her fear and prey on the Fey who feared the great among them. The girl’s confusion fueled the flames as chaos, magic, and their Fey began to come from far away to eat the new emotion brought into their world.

And so it went for many years, the girl’s confusion, thoughts and fears, served to feed the Fey and tears, and soon her fear gave way to pain, and when she saw nothing to gain, she gave way to mere despair, which fed some Fey that saw her there, but ran dry as the girl’s sadness gave way to nothing. So, with no more passion to produce, the girl was now reduced to meat and memories. The Fey consumed her whole remains, and now the bits and pieces of her being now have joined the mad chaos of the Fey, her meaning and spirit now are gone from here.

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