The Epiphany

        He saw something beyond the world as he knew it. It shone like a beacon to the heavens, burned brighter than the light of a million suns, and seemed larger than the entire universe put together. He saw it stretch into forever, he saw its light flow from a source as distant from him as the beginning and ending of Eternity. The man’s eyes were bright as the births and lives of every star in time, and his brain akin to a star that would outshine the cosmos. Never before had the man’s mind comprehended such scale, such power, such might, such sheer reality

             His mind exploded into a light that vaporized the bounds of his old perceptions, and the light shone out in ways he never imagined. His thoughts began to race and connect faster than light, and to configure and formulate in ways that he never could’ve imagined on his own. He saw countless new paths of thought and infinite connections between everything in the universe. Understanding overflowed from his mind and ecstasy from his heart. This being before him showed him everything. His mind was beyond anything it could’ve been alone, and the thing before him was to thank for it.

        The man got on his knees and cried in gratitude. His mind was free. He saw and knew more than he could ever imagine. It all made sense, it was all laid bare before him as a magnificent tapestry of thought, reason, and causality. It was beautiful. Immediately, he left to show others the truth that had been laid before him.

One thought on “The Epiphany

  1. Sorry for the hiatus lately, things have been a bit wonky the past couple of days. But, I’m back. If you like this, please promote me by acting as if your mind has been opened by some hidden secret, and telling people that this ultimate truth can only be found encoded in my blog.


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