Burning Jack: Prologue

Rumors abound how the people who died

When they burst into flame or drowned when they cried,

Could ever have met such a fate as they did,

Or why they were frightened, or why they all hid.

Some out there say that they met the wrath

Of a vengeful old ghost with whom they’d crossed paths.

The name of this ghost is long since forgotten,

The people who know are all dead and rotten,

But some say that he was a man who was left

Out in the forest, after a bad theft

But managed to drag himself back to the town

But when he came back, found it’d been burned down

Some say he set out to hunt down the thieves

To pay back the treatment that he had received

And swore not to rest until all the raiders

Were caught in a fire to vex all evaders

They say that he stole to provide for his hunt

And burned anyone who would him confront

And cared less and less about whether his kills

Were really the ones whose harm he had willed

They say that he died in a building he burned

Despite how his wrath was completely unearned

But he didn’t meet his end from the flames

He drowned in his tears, for more targets remained

Some people say that his hunt didn’t end

That he’s out there looking for people to rend

So if he should find you, and he should attack

Remember all this, if you see Burning Jack…

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