Burning Jack: Pt 1

Some say a bridge can cross through realms

They’re certainly places that Jack overwhelms

So if you are crossing, and then you see flames

I say you turn tail, and run from his games

                Ashton sat on his horse, his son Oscar next to him. The sun had set, and the canopy blocked what little light remained. The forest, once green and inviting, now seemed, in the darkness, to be twisted and hostile. It’s likely for this reason that Oscar asked his father,

       “Are you sure that we’re safe?”

      Ashton, not wanting to lie, responded “I’m not, but we have to get home and this is the quickest route.”

      Oscar started to sweat “So you think Burning Jack might come for us?”

           Ashton gave his Oscar a dead stare, punctuated with an ever-so-slight chuckle. “Your mother’s told you far too many stories. The only threats we’re likely to encounter are beasts or bandits. Ghosts aren’t real, and Burning Jack is no exception.”

     “How do you know that?” Oscar said, his voice growing louder and cracking slightly.

     “Son, when your education is complete, you’ll know things that contradict the idea that they could ever exist. Besides, when you’ve lived as long as I have and never seen a ghost, you’ll start to doubt it too.”

         Oscar nodded, the sweat continuing to drip down his face, and was silent for quite a while afterwards.

     It was when they got to the bridge that Oscar began to hyperventilate. 

         “What’s the matter?” Ashton asked.

      “Burning Jack loves to attack on bridges.”

            Ashton sighed, “Oscar, what did I tell you-”

         “I know, but he’s here! He’s here, I just know it!”

        Ashton’s voice softened “Son, you’re not normally this way, why are you so worried about this old ghost story?”

               Oscar turned to face Ashton. “Because I’ve seen him.”

After that you must prepare

For Burning Jack is loath to err

And if you see him and you run

You may escape, but he’s not done

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