The Tomb of the Tyrant

             He ran on the wind. The wind was high and powerful, the sort that most people simply mounted and rode, but not Elmond. Elmond was a daredevil, always was, always would be, and he was getting more than his share of adrenaline as he ran today. Running across the wind, over the clouds, he soared through the blue sky. Occasionally, he’d stop for a swooping dive and catch an updraft straight back up. Sometimes he’d jump and bounce between different winds of different speeds, relishing the way his heart stopped as he leaped the gaps.

       Now, he was no show-off. There was nobody to show off to. The clouds completely covered the ground below, and nobody was riding with him. He was running with purpose. Why else, after all, would he leave one of the cities? The clouds, he noticed, were a nice reminder of the untamed territory beneath him. It was raining. It only rained on the crops, or anyone with a trained raincloud. Elmond checked his map, and smiled. He was in the right place, alright. 

            Of course, rather than simply mount his current wind and dive, he leaped right off the side and tucked in his limbs, diving headfirst towards the clouds. His heart raced as he rushed through the clouds, and it soared when the ground came into view. He felt the wind and stretched out his arms. He caught a gust of wind in his hands and swooped forward just inches away from the ground. He surveyed the wild, untamed mountains and woods, and found that he was extremely glad to have been wearing rain protection. They were unsurprisingly difficult to procure, but adventurers like him were well known enough that he could find them with relatively little effort. 

       He landed on the summit of a nearby mountain and pulled out his map again. The rain curved away from it before it could hit the paper, conveniently enough for Elmond. Of course, he’d bought the map that way. He looked for his place on it, and sure enough, there he was. The Tomb of the Tyrant wasn’t far. Probably still infested with his old tricks, and Elmond knew it. This would be the thrill of a lifetime.

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