The girl ran with the sun in her pocket. She was almost there, and she couldn’t afford to give up now. There was too much at stake.        She could feel it digging into her leg. She could feel it scorching her calf into practically nothing.        She could hear the Serpent on her tail, breathing down … Continue reading Dawn?

The Empty

               He couldn’t think of any way to identify this place. It wasn’t small, that much was true. It wasn’t large either. It wasn’t ugly, but it wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t hot, but it wasn’t cold. It wasn’t barren, nor was it verdant. It wasn’t dark, nor was it bright.            There were no people, that much … Continue reading The Empty

The Tomb of the Tyrant: Part 2

           He found a cliff and leapt off, grabbing an updraft and curving it towards the Tomb. He didn’t know exactly what he was going to see there, but he knew that it he’d probably not encounter anything good. Ossus the Tyrant had been quite powerful even without his vast resources and army. It was even … Continue reading The Tomb of the Tyrant: Part 2

Wonder’s Witness: The World that Breathes

Let’s start on a more optimistic note for my tales, shall we? It is doubtful that you have ever left the face of this planet. Even if you have, it is extraordinarily doubtful that you have been to the planet which is now known as Lanaros. It’s a wonderful place, always accommodating for travellers. If … Continue reading Wonder’s Witness: The World that Breathes