The Castle-Part 2

        The man walked on through the courtyard, if it could be called that. He felt some deep draw towards the front entrance, and felt as if there was some room waiting for him in the heart of the castle. When he entered, the hall around him was shrouded in iridescent, translucent carpets and curtains that seemed to change color, from the brightest azures to the deepest crimsons, as they moved and flitted about. The walls were a pearly, opalescent white, and he could swear he saw his reflections the walls guiding him on, gesturing forwards and mouthing, “Go on, the truth lies within.”

          His heart hammered in his chest. He couldn’t quite tell, however, whether it came from dread or excitement. It was an anticipation of something, but what exactly he anticipated couldn’t be fully determined. He went on until something deep within him said to stop. He looked to the side and saw a pair of great double-doors. Whatever he was here for, the man knew that it was beyond those doors. The anticipation gripped him tighter, but apprehensions stayed his hand. He stood there, persuading himself to open the door.

        Just then, he heard a sound. It was the sound of a bell, coming from nowhere and everywhere at once. He heard the deep, faint sound come every few seconds.

    “Dong… dong… dong…”.

          Soon, the sound got louder, and higher, and faster, and closer.

     “Ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong”

          The man wanted to open the door. He thought that the sound was approaching him to rip him from this place and separate him from the thing beyond the door. And yet, fear kept him paralyzed as the sound got closer, and faster, and yet higher.


           The man reached out and turned off the alarm clock and lay in bed. A part of him wanted to cry, because he felt that the dream was nothing ordinary or random, and he had been cut off from it. However, a part of the man was intrigued. He grabbed a notebook and wrote down what he’d dreamed in as vivid detail as he could. He decided that, whether this had been a dream or not, that he would look over it and find its meaning, if any was to be found.

One thought on “The Castle-Part 2

  1. Waitus, waitus, that’s the end of my hiatus! (Not my best poetry, in my opinion). I’m finally back. If you liked what you just read, promote me by whispering about good things in your loved one’s ears while they sleep and then telling them to follow my blog once they’re having a good dream


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