The Pit

The hole in the ground scared the girl. She found it in the forest on her walk, and when she looked into its depths she saw… nothing. It was so dark that she couldn’t see the bottom, or even the sides. She dropped a rock into it and waited for a splash… and waited, and waited. Nothing.

       She looked down into the pit, listened, and waited for something to happen. Every moment, she thought that there’d be a splash, or a growl, or a pair of eyes, or something that would come from the pit, but there was nothing. Her heart kept pounding in her chest, filling her with adrenaline and anticipation of something, but there was nothing.

      She began to cry, and soon to scream. There was no way that thing could be so quiet and dark. There had to be something, anything. She was begging for anything, she was willing to have something kill her, something drag her to eternal torment, if something at least happened. Something had to happen, something had to come out of there.

        She hurled herself in, knowing that something had to be down there, she needed to encounter something. But there was nothing.

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