The Stranger in a Subjective Land: Pt 1

       Adrian soared across the skies as he looked down at the road below. The Consensus Bureau insisted that there be a road down there, but not that it have any particular appearance. In Adrian's reality, that road was paved with the whitest marble on earth. He oftentimes wondered what the crystalline city he saw looked … Continue reading The Stranger in a Subjective Land: Pt 1

Prometheus’ Example

         Micheal couldn't bear the pain. He screamed out from the agony of every convulsing muscle, every singed hair, every bruise, cut, crack, and tear. He cried out to the people on the streets to help him. He begged them to entreat Prometheus, hoping that it would show him mercy. Nobody stopped.      Like the dutiful citizens … Continue reading Prometheus’ Example

Wonder’s Witness: Introduction

       The cosmos has lived longer than any mortal could understand. It has billions of years in its lifetime thus far, and so does sentient life, let alone life as a whole. The universe is made of incomprehensibly large numbers, and unfathomably minuscule numbers too. It is made of numbers and complexities and marvels and magics that no mortal being can truly … Continue reading Wonder’s Witness: Introduction