The Discoveries of Peter Bloom: New Homes, Secret Passages, and Writing on the Wall.

We’re moving to the new town right now. It’s a bit awkward with Christmas and all, but my parents said that we have to be there quickly before school starts again. They also said it was fitting, with the new year and all. A lot of kids my age would be upset with the move, but I don’t mind. If anything, I’m excited. I don’t really have any friends at the old town, and our old home is just a place.

Not only that, but our new town is rumored to be one of the most haunted places in America! Not just by ghosts, apparently, but demons, aliens, witches, shadow-people, non-euclidean geometries, spacio-temporal anomalies, miscellaneous cryptids, and miscellaneous combinations of the above have all been reported here! When we arrived, the first thing I unpacked was my camera equipment. I’ve done my research on this place, and I have a list of all of the investigations I’m going to launch.

Not to mention, our new house may look large and old, but it was super cheap. This points to quite the obvious haunting! I can investigate the unexplained in the comfort of our new home. It’s a shame school starts soon, I could explore this house for days, and I bet I could find something new each time. It’s that big!

I actually did manage to investigate the house a little bit. Do you know what I found in my room? A secret passage! I found a secret passage in the wall of my bedroom on my first day! It wasn’t tiny, but it was small enough that I had to crawl through it. The passage stretched on into darkness for what seemed like an eternity, even when I’d crawled far away from the light of the entrance. That was when I heard it. I heard scraping against the wall ahead of me. I shined my flashlight on the wall where I’d heard it, and, I’m not making this up, scratched into the wall was the word “Beware”. I can’t be sure, but I could’ve sworn I heard something whisper something to me in a voice too soft and raspy for me to understand.

I was ecstatic! I actually hadn’t brought my equipment in there, so that’s a shame, but I found something this early in my quest! I could reach the big leagues here, if I play my cards right. I could very well find something truly revolutionary in this town. I absolutely cannot wait to see more!

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