Burning Jack: Part II

Beware all who run from Jack He doesn’t always just attack He’s a master thief, you see He steals the skins of you and me           “You saw him?”               “Yes”     “When?”         “Three days ago. I’d snuck out of the house to explore-”       “Oscar!”             “I know, let me finish. I was in the woods, and I was … Continue reading Burning Jack: Part II

My Magnum Opus

                  Leonidas Aleister the XXXXXIIIIth stared out at the ethereal acquiescent unfamothably beautiful bubbles of unfathomable beauty. Their radiant myriad colors radiated in a radius of a rainbow from the primordial denoument of the apocalyptic precipitation of the dawn of the vast and unfathmable planet. And from these bubbles came impossibly painful agony of agonizing torment … Continue reading My Magnum Opus